• The graphic entities are drawn in several steps :

    • Each step consists of a simple click on the left button of the mouse ;
    • Or of an input of relative or absolute coordinates polar or rectangular, of an input of distance.

    Note the left button of the mouse must be released between steps.

    During the drawing it is possible to anchor to various places of entities drawn before according to the selected kind of magnetization.

    It is possible to force the position of a point in a direction relating to the position of a preceding point.

    After the last step of the drawing one go back in the module "Drawing" of LibreOffice, however several entities of the same type can be drawn without leaving CADLO if the multiple mode was selected.

    A drawing that it is in simple or multiple mode can be cancelled by typing on the key "Esc".

  • Some graphic entities can be cut or extended in an automatic way or by input of a length or an angle.

  • Starting from a closed contour you can create the drawing of a balanced staircase.


  • After having opened the module drawing of LibreOffice for a new file (but that is also valid for an existing file) you will find an interface.interface
    In top, the menubar in which appears a new item entitled CADLO which contains all the functions specific to the addon.
  • A toolbar containing some commands (the most used).
  • The statusbar . It has three zones :barre d'état
    • a field indicating the command and the step in progress ;
    • a field indicating the scale, the UCS coordinates, units, constraint angle in axonometric mode, drawing helps ;
    • a zone of several buttons to set/unset hook mode, axonometric mode, multi mode, a dropdown button to trigger junction type;