Présentation :

Such as, the Draw module of LibreOffice / makes it possible to make technical drawing. CADLO adds some functions that one can find in other CAD.

For example:

  • a wider set of anchor with the graphic entities (ends, intersection, middle, perpendicular, tangent) ;
  • input of absolute or relative coordinates Cartesian or polar ;
  • input of the radius, diameters or lengths ;
  • an axonometric mode to restrain direction on 15° multiples ;
  • to draw a circle passing by three points ;
  • to dimension a radius, a diameter, an angle, horizontaly or verticaly.

Note: drawing line, circle, arc, ellipse, arc of ellipse, polygon already exist but they were rewritten to benefit from the modes above without replacing the originals.

This Addon was written in python with use of the module pyuno.

It functions as an extension , which adds an entry of menu entitled "CADLO".

NB: In the event of a CADLO crash it is necessary to launch the "unlock" command from CADLO menu.