Blender and LibreOffice (

Here are two scripts to use in Blender, one allow to export a view to "odg" file.

You can download it as archive here


  1. Unzip downloaded file in a directory

  2. Copy the scripts in the « scripts » repertory of your personnal Blender repertory (/home/user/.blender/scripts for Linux, for Windows users see

  3. Copy« template.odg » file in/home/user/.blender/bpydata (Linux)

    Notice : replace « user » with your personnal directory name.



This script set the dimensions and the position of basic building of prismatic rectangular shape (8 vertices and 6 faces). These objects can be columns, beams, slabs, walls, etc. The materials and the textures are not created.

menu basic building

  1. Command is launched from menu « Add → Mesh → Basic Building »

  2. Click on popup menu popup basic building

  3. Set the parameters

    boite de dialogue des parametres exemple

Measures on X, Y, Z axis can be negative, null ou positive. These are coordinates in a system which originate at 3D cursor and is parallel to global coordinate system. Clicking on the « draw » button create an object at the 3D cursor.Objects are always parallel to global system axis, you can next apply a rotation if you want.


This script export current view by an orthogonal projection on a plane defined as follow :

  • the 3D cursor is in that plane ;

  • the plane is parallel to view plane.

So, to define the projection parameters just set the 3D cursor position then choose the view point (front, left, right, etc).

The projection plane is also a cut plane.

Only the objects situated in and beyond the cut plane will be processed.

Only the objects of « Mesh » type will be processed.

  1. Export command can be launched from menu « File → Export → Open Document Graphic (.odg)

    menu export vers odg

  2. Set parameters Export vers odg

    The units set the link between Blender unit and user unit.

    The scale will reduce the view size to a size compatible with page format the user wants to use in LibreOffice Draw. The value for the scale is the denominator being integer or decimal, numerator is allways 1.

    The « Selection » button is a trigger, when it is down only selected objects will be processed, else all objects in the scene will be processed.

    The « cut » button initiate the export including objects in and beyond the projection plane and processing hidden edges too. This could take a lot of time depending on the computer power and the number of objects in the scene.

    The « Section » button initiate the export of faces in the projection plane.

  3. Save the file

After all ojects have been processed the user is asked to save the file. Input the file name adding « .odg » (in this version the script won't do it).

Then you can open the file just saved with LibreOffice Draw and see the result